Month: April 2013

Vanishing Point: Stumbling through Ploegsteert

I’m a virtual veteran of two world wars, one in particular; The Great War, the one to end all thingummys… as an anomalous title for a war as there could possibly be. That aside I do a lot of, or as much as I can afford and fit into life without annoying my very patient family, stumbling about in muddy fields where the First World War or Great War happened. It’s a long story that relates to my upbringing and my family and how I remember that and how important some bits of my family have become, disproportionally so...

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Lost in a landscape: Caistor St Edmund – A buried town

Five miles to the South East of the modern nucleus of Norwich sits Caistor St Edmunds, on a rise in the land between the confluence of the River Tas and the River Yare near where the Wensum joins the “I’m the biggest River” bunfight and loses it pointlessly, it’s just before the haul down to meet the sea at Yarmouth. Caistor St Edmunds hides things; just to the South West of the Village is a curious field where the Church of St Edmund, it’s a large field, larger than the modern village iself or in fact the Roman town of...

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The Mancroft resurrection. Woven in 1573 by Flemish weavers. It's fascinating. The more I stare at it the more convinced I am the walled city in the background is actually Norwich. St Peter Mancroft. ... See MoreSee Less

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For #flintspiration here's a series of posts about lost churches on Magdalen Street. ... See MoreSee Less

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