Month: May 2016

Time warps Alkmaar

A Guest post from Mark Alphenaar on the Regional Archive at Alkmaar. At the Regional Archive Alkmaar in The Netherlands we think that history should be easily accessible to all people, young and old no matter their background. We think we have found a way to do just that by showing people how an event or their city, village or home looked in the past. But not just by showing them old pictures but making a direct link to the present. Bergertunnel – Bergerweg in Alkmaar 2012/1954 met nog een spoorwegovergang. You can place an old en new pictures...

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Collapsing new buildings: Barrack Road Gasometer

Another thing to collect, often more by chance than design. These are unmistakable monuments in our urban landscapes and I happened to pass this yesterday in Great Yarmouth and happened to stop and get my camera out and take a few snaps of it after it skylined in front of me on the way through to the Pleasure Beach and back along the front to the way out. They’re rather nice things, varying from the entirely functional to the quite ornate. This is rather one of the latter with some quite classical detailing on it, the piers in particular...

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Vanishing Point: Dartmoor – father and son

There’s a focus, out there. You’ll see it in most cemeteries on the old front. The famous dead, the men, and boys who achieve some infamy by dint of their bravery, age or circumstances. Sometimes it’s a footballer who scored big in 1912 before signing away four years, sons of authors, prime ministers or poets. It may be the medals pinned on for the acts that verge on near lunacy or the quiet treading of mud through a rain of shattered cast iron and hollow lead to pick up the wounded or the dying. They sprout a veritable forest...

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