Month: June 2016

Trench Ghosts part 4

Langemark A few I did last week then got distracted and forgot about. One of Langemark and one of the Sugarloaf salient at Fromelles. The Langemark rephoto leaps out straight away. It’s also familiar to anyone that’s ever visited the German cemetery which is just below the crossroads. As with the Messines colourised picture that I ghosted last week the aerial laps almost onto the cemetery. The beck hasn’t moved, it’s an exact fit. The squiggles in the field above are I believe small unlinked German breastworks or dislocated trench systems. Fromelles The Fromelles one was distinctly more difficult,...

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Hidden History: The forgotten chapel

Ring-roads, go round and past. Nature of the beast I suppose, circling. Norwich is blessed with ever-increasing circles; from the old castle ditches and the fee to the city wall and the inner link roads, out to the proper ring-road now forming into another ripple of road cutting through the countryside to join up one end of the A47 to a field in Ringland. One day all this will be infill, more houses and crescents, parades of shops and schools to give away. The new cultures growing over the ghosts of swaying corn tops out near Crostwick and Plumstead,...

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The Walled City 4: St Augustines Gate

This used to be the back wall of Magpie Print. I remember it being an inside of a building full of printing gear with ‘Mudpie Bob’ at the helm steering it from letterpress through to photolitho. I used to help him out with now-and-again holiday cover and producing phototypesetting from our Linotype in long glossy galleys to chop up with scapels and glue down with hot wax on boards on a parallel motion table. It was a funny old building, wood fronted with a curious lumpy concrete pull-in at the front. A big window and large doors which dated...

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Aerial ghosts: Messines updated

I had a very interesting email today from Gil Bossuyt of which has prompted this post. Gil has been looking at the image I originally colourised in this piece. It goes thus: “I went searching on trench maps to recognize some road structures, and found that bottom left is the Market Square of Messines. On that same trench map you can also clearly see the trench structures you see in the photo. I am now overlaying this photo and the original trench map, which will make a great match.” It does. This is nerdishly exciting for me as I...

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WW1: Aerial Trench Ghosts Part 3 – Lens

Someone asked if I’d done any Loos aerials, I hadn’t, it’s not an area I’m hugely familiar with, it does tend to get forgotten in between all the noise about the Battle of the Somme and The Ypres Salient. There’s plenty of front in between and some of it was very hard fought. The Arras and Loos sector in particular  along with Vimy. There’s something quite haunting about the coalfields and the heaps in particular even when blamming past to the bits I know better on the Route Anglais, and some names that conjure things in the mind, the...

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Rephotography: Ghosts of Reims

Re-Photography of Reims. Vincent Zénon Rigaud Auteur and photographer, born in Reims in 1981. I have practiced photography since childhood progressing on to digital photography. My first passion was studying history while at art school photography has became an indispensable tool to me. In 2012, I discovered re-photography; when perfectly aligned, a historical photograph layered onto a contemporary capture provides a remarkable sense of passing time. But why go armed with architect’s precision and the patience of an archaeologist to track down these frames of the past photographers? Not just because it’s a challenge, starting with documentary research, but...

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Lost in a landscape: The Denes

Summer is nearly upon us, it’s May, a bank holiday weekend what better time than that for a lazy trip to Great Yarmouth for a wander with nothing particularly in mind. A stroll along the prom in the hazy sun would be nice, like a swearing breathing Martin Parr exhibition. And being practically June, it’s no huge surprise whilst driving east just after the almost hallucinogenic weirdness and mess of the Postwick forever interchange to find yourself disappearing under a wedge of cloud as thick as a cheap rolled up Axminster pushing over from the North East bringing with...

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Rephotography: M&GN Ghosts

I decided to try out the ‘Ghost’ style of photo-merging after my friend Nick Stone started to share his wonderful ‘Blitz ghost’ images, inspired by the wonderful work of Sergey Larenkov. I didn’t want to copy these projects, so I turned my attention to something that I could connect with personally. Near to my home is the old disused M&GN railway, now the Marriott’s Way, which I grew up playing on, exploring and using to cycle my way out into the beautiful Norfolk Countryside. The thought that trains used to run along here carrying passengers and freight fascinated me...

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