Month: September 2016

Trench Ghosts part 5 – The Somme – High Wood and Courcelette

A couple of ones that nearly got away, I forgot I’d done the High Wood one until a few minutes ago when someone asked so this makes sense. The Courcelette one is appropriate for today (15th September 1916/2016) High Wood © Nick Stone 2016 IWM/Google, High Wood witnessed incerdibly fierce fighting over a protracted period during 1916. Courcelette © Nick Stone 2016 Musée Courcelette/Google. With thanks to Paul Reed and Kieron Hoyle....

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V2 aerial ghosts

Vergeltungswaffe 2, The Retribution Weapon. A less than charming name for nasty things. The Germans were way ahead of us with rocket and jet technology, in fact they were way just ahead of us with most technology for most of the war. I remember marvelling at the discovery of the Messerschmidt 262 and 163 in 1:72 Airfix when I was still in single figures, how was this possible? Jets and rockets are 1973, not 1944. The shape of the 262 once stuck together was something else; it’s flattened shark-like nose, the sloped wings. I read up on it, sat...

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🐦 This is amazing! Headphones on for this - listen to the incredible mimicry of the bullfinch. More birds here 👉

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Here are the extraordinary photographs selected to appear in the 2018 Calendar. This is now available for purchase from the WFA e-Shop

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