673989029_04b929f95d_oThis site is the a crossing point and blog for all of of my photographic projects and noodlings on stuff that I do, In part it records the impact we have on both urban and rural landscapes and the traces of habitation and life we leave behind. It is I suppose a project in itself, There are subjects that overlap and there are specific things that meander into each others footprints occasionally. Most of subjects I work on are visual arts based supported by writing. I’m a photographer, I also collect photographs. I like to study my surroundings and the landscape and anything that can connect us with the past and the landscape it occupies.

Often things start as dimly lit notions, sometimes I see something that makes them start. They may focus around places, objects, people and points in time. A lot of what I like studying starts around a sense of belonging or dislocation in particular settings. I like things that hide stories, things that almost don’t exist anymore in a real sense; the overlooked, the arcana, but where there is still something you can sense or sniff out via folk memory, history, archaeology and people’s stories. A lot of my photography contain elements of human geography, geology, geomorphism and history both contextual and social, some people would put this into the fairly wide and almost totally incomprehensible bracket of psychogeography, I prefer Landscape Punk. Labels are great aren’t they.

Conflicts have left a scar across the temporal and physical landscape; like most people it touched my family. These changes are deeper and more complex than destruction of physical and societal fabric and human life. It brings about changes that echo onward into future generations and are part of a broader story of who we are. This is something I became aware of at an early age due largely to my mum’s endless stories and observations on life and people, they are what gives us the real history of who we are as individuals and what forms us and what broadly speaking makes society. Received history is far more real and closer to the fact than the mythologising around history that we receive from other sources. I record as I see and process it and my relationship with it and connect the two. You will find archive images as well as recent shots in here. And so much conflict? Well, it’s often where history lies at its thickest.

Nick Stone, Norwich, Norfolk.