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Rephotography and colourising

Take two photos up to 170 years apart in the same spot, stick them together in a popular piece of imaging editing software. Alternatively, find an old photo and colour it in in, it's quite relaxing just like it used to be when you were little, tongue sticking out of the corner of your mouth in a half trance colouring in lineart pictures on cheap paper, et Voila. Parlour tricks my friends. And if it gives people a window into something they wouldn't otherwise see, then all well and good.

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7 days ago

Invisible works

I've recently been doing some work with Paston Footprints 600. One of the Paston family locations in Norwich is the Maid's Head hotel, it's mentioned in the Paston letters, so just for fun and larks I banged out a Plunkett ghost of it on the way into work this morning. Me and George, same focal length roughly, same footprint, him in 1934, me in 2018, 84 years apart, and for a split second not. ... See MoreSee Less

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