A few sample images from a batch of glass I’ve got access to via a friend Phil. There are only three of these and they are in a bit of a state, looks like they weren’t fixed terribly well and are quite badly smoked so I’ve had to pull them back a bit by processing them, but they are a reasonable representation of what they probably should look like had they not been slowly developing for the last 100-ish years.

Rumour has it these were taken in Thorpe or possibly Trowse, and a bit of poking about has revealed they date from after 1906 as this former trailer car has been converted to powered. Sadly I can’t read the route board in the side window, so we can’t tell for sure, hopefully a tram expert out there will know where the 46 ran from and too.

Wonder who these chaps were, always wonder that, every, single, time.

There’s a bonus image at the bottom which is one we found in a hoard at The Assembly House while working on the Phoenix Heritage Project there* which shows the tracks being laid on Castle Meadow. We think this would be around 1920 or later, note the building site when the Boardman designed bank building, now Open, was being built, completed in 1927, so there’s a clue. It’s also nice because I can look at my studio window about 90 years ago from both the inside and the outside as I type this.

*Pop into the exhibition – opens today runs until the end of May – #historywang type stuff. Includes some of the other photos too.