Month: June 2015

Lost city: St Augustines

I miss this, every time I buy a pork pie or a can of beans in the deep end of Spar I miss it. The cheap hot chocolate, the stinging eyes and the freezing water, those weird “no bombing, no petting…” signs. A post war development, not perhaps the most attractive building by our strangely skewed modern standards, but not ugly either and beautiful by association for many Norwich and Norfolk residents whose childhoods were at least partly spent here splashing about, the high arched windows filled with bluey light at night were a vast reverse temporally dislocated improvement...

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Ghosts: London blitz aerial maps

An iconic image from one German Heinkel III bomber showing another over Rotherhithe, the Surrey Commercial and West India Docks and Isle of Dogs to the right. Credit original: Southwark Library collection. 1940. CC Fair Use Wikipedia. Two German Dornier 17 bombers fly over south-east London on the first day of the Blitz, 7 September 1940. This marked on some sites as Beckton Gas Works on fire, clearly not as it’s to the east, it may well have been on fire, but it’s not in the picture. This is the Royal Albert Dock. Again first day of the raids...

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Rephotography: Ghosts of Reims

Re-Photography of Reims. Vincent Zénon Rigaud Auteur and photographer, born in Reims in 1981. I have practiced photography since childhood progressing on to digital photography. My first passion was studying history while at art school photography has became an indispensable tool to me. In 2012, I discovered re-photography; when perfectly aligned, a historical photograph layered onto a contemporary capture provides a remarkable sense of passing time. But why go armed with architect’s precision and the patience of an archaeologist to track down these frames of the past photographers? Not just because it’s a challenge, starting with documentary research, but...

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Hidden history: Myths – Tombland, Norwich and the Plague

It’s odd where you end up in conversations, the same is true in a digital landscape as it is in an analogue one. In between the pictures of cats, the videos of fat people falling over and the flux of skulking, trolling and pixel-fist-waving/bumping that goes on in our inflatable social media lives conversations rear up about all sorts of things at all sorts of times, which is one of the reasons why I like it. One night as the part-timers and early-risers headed off to make Ovaltine and brush their teeth. A straggling series of tweets; moans, disparate...

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Rephotography: M&GN Ghosts

I decided to try out the ‘Ghost’ style of photo-merging after my friend Nick Stone started to share his wonderful ‘Blitz ghost’ images, inspired by the wonderful work of Sergey Larenkov. I didn’t want to copy these projects, so I turned my attention to something that I could connect with personally. Near to my home is the old disused M&GN railway, now the Marriott’s Way, which I grew up playing on, exploring and using to cycle my way out into the beautiful Norfolk Countryside. The thought that trains used to run along here carrying passengers and freight fascinated me...

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