Invisible works is a series of fragmentary blogs and series of pieces about history, heritage and our place in the landscape by me, And I’m Nick Stone, not the monumental mason, or the Andy McNab character though..

The site is intended to be the a collecting point for all of my various things I do. In part it records the impact we have on landscapes and the traces of habitation and life left behind. And is therefore I suppose a project in itself. There are subjects that interlock and others that overlap and there are specific things that meander into each others footprints occasionally. Most of subjects I work on are visual arts based supported by writing. I’m a photographer, a collector. I like the landscape, how we connect with them and what is hidden in it.

Often things start as dimly lit notions, occasionally from wandering about both IRL and online, sometimes I see something that triggers something. The focus shifts around; places, objects, people and points in time. A lot of what I like studying starts around a sense of belonging or dislocation in particular settings. I like things that hide stories, things that almost don’t exist anymore in a real sense; the overlooked, the arcane, but where there is still something you can sense or sniff out via folk memory, history, archaeology and people’s stories. Nothing ever ends.

A lot of my photography and writing contains elements of geography; both human and physical, geology, and geomorphism. And history; both contextual and social. I’ve been informed this is a bracket of Landscape Punk.

There’s quite a lot or material on conflict, often where history lies in the deepest drifts of human experience. War has left a scar across the temporal and physical landscape; it also touches all of our experiences somewher in our collective and individual timelines. These changes are deeper and more complex than destruction of physical and societal fabric and human life. It brings about changes that echo onward into future generations and are part of a broader story of who we are: Something I became aware of as a child due to my mum’s endless stories and observations on life and people and her and the family’s past. These generational links are what gives us the real history of who we are as individuals and what forms us and what broadly speaking makes society. Received history is more real.

I record as I see and process it and my relationship with it and connect the two. You will find archive images as well as recent shots.

Nick Stone, Norwich, Norfolk.

Photographer, writer, visual artist.



I am half of Starfish Limited. We work professionally as designers for both web and print, creating content, consultancy work and production. I also work as a photographer and broadly in communication, including social media and websites. Our work includes installations, displays and exhibitions. I have increasingly specialised in design, content creation, project management and communications for arts and heritage projects over the last 10 years.

Relevant clients include:
The Assembly House heritage project. Exhibition; content creation, research, writing, design, social media, management.
Returned from the Front – Community engagement and heritage project, design, content creation, research, management.
The Casualty Book – Feasibility study, consultation, website.
Along the outskirts – Psychogeography: Branding, catalogue and online.
Change Minds – Heritage and mental health: Branding, design, consultancy, exhibition.
Museums Norfolk – Website design, photography.
Norfolk Music Festival:  Rebrand and web.
Black Dog Tales: ‘Mapping the grim’ Public Archaeology/PA2015. Online content development, research, writing.
Fakenham Gas Museum: Rebrand and online presence, publicity and audience development, social media, photography.
Norfolk at the Pictures: Develop engagement, redevelop branding, website and the social media.
Museum of Norwich: Coordinated, curated and produced ‘The History Wall’ Installation. Social-media/social-history.
Gressenhall and MoEAL: developed ‘Learning from the past”.
Longshop Museum: Redeveloped the museum’s web presence and online branding.
Waveney Archaeology: Branding, publicity materials and website.
Hidden Commemoration: WW1 centenary branding, online and publicity materials.
Lowestoft Maritime Museum: Online.
British Schools Museum: Develop branding and publicity materials.
WFA: Curation and design.
The Rialto: Trustee, Board member and Art Director.
Cafe Writers: Website and branding.
Ink Sweat and Tears: Website and pamphlet design.
Norfolk Music Hub: Design, publicity materials.
East Anglian Music Archive: Design and consultancy.
Share Museums East: Consultation and development of new website, strengthen brand, publicity material.