I’m Nick Stone, I’m a multi-disciplinary artist of sorts, a maker and a doer. I have brilliant focus if I’m interested in something. I write, photograph, assemble, mend and modify, I collect things, objects, ideas and stories.

My school reports said ‘daydreams too much’, and ‘never finishes anything’, I have tried to maintain this as my methodology ever since.

You will find various facets of me on here; I like the quiet chatter of our landscape, both urban and rural, human and physical history and geography showing though. I like objects with stories, and the people alive or dead who carry them.

Have a look, if you find something you like, please share.



Antisocial media

You can find me on Bluesky (occasionally) here and Threads (rarely if ever) here and my now defunct Twitter was @typejunky which I’ve deleted like all the decent folk should.

I am on Instagram as nckjstn for photography, both mine and stuff I find in junk shops. And you can find me collecting stuff as typejunky in between the awful reels and adverts for socks or whatever else you’ve casually Googled lately.

Invisible works can also be found on Facebook, updated occasionally with interesting stuff I’ve found, photos I’ve taken – when I have actually taken photos, and occasional written pieces when the words appear in the correct order

You can also find me on LinkedIn here, I visit it regularly, about once every 2 years, mainly to delete all the contact requests from people I don’t know who are ‘App developers in the Bay Area’. Should you catch me on there, unlikely as it is,  I’ll be the one who has lost the will to live.


I am a director of a multi-disciplinary design agency called Starfish in Norwich. I work as a designer and communications consultant, creating and editing content, writing, producing installations, designing things including exhibitions, publicity materials, books, magazines, and online stuff.

I also work as a photographer/visual artist and generally can be found dabbling in visual comms. My specialisms are working with Arts and Heritage organisations, but I’m happy working with anyone who has an interesting idea or project, and doesn’t mind me occasionally going off at tangents. I like words, images, people, and cats.

Alongside this I am also a trustee, board member and art director of The Rialto where I bring a briefcase of not knowing enough about poetry but being the vaguely funny one to the table. I can occasionally also be found staring at bits of rusty metal at Fakenham Museum where I was board member, tea drinker, and chin-scratcher, I still do the latter two, you should visit it it’s fab. In addition I also act as a voluntary advocate for Menscraft which provides help for men experiencing difficulties with their mental-health and wellbeing. I think they all do good things.

Work things

Centre of East Anglian Studies (CEAS UEA) – Racing in the East.
Norfolk Archaeological Trust and NRO – NAT centenary exhibition.
Waterland Books – Design and so on.
UEA, Literature, Drama, and Creative Writing – Uncollected Poets project. Design, consultation.
Centre of East Anglian Studies (CEAS UEA) – Branding and website, (plus exhibitions).
Norfolk Historic Buildings Group (NHBG) – Branding and website.
Norfolk Windmills Trust/NCC – Stracey Arms Drainage Mill installation and interpretation.
Sheringham Museum – Website and online branding.
Mill & Marsh Folk/NCC – Acle Second World War walk, interpretation and signage.
Royal Norfolk Regimental Museum Trust – Educational web.
Change Minds and Norfolk Record Office – Rebranding the national rollout
Museum of Norwich – Crome’s Norwich, exhibition creation, photography, authoring, design, (solo show).
Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society – Branding and web design.
Norfolk Archaeological Trust – branding, photography, web design.
Vanishing Points 2018 – exhibition (solo show).
Armistice 2018 – Norwich Castle, Mural.
Time & Tide Museum: Drawn to the Coast; Turner, Constable and Cotman – branding, exhibition and advertising design.
Paston Footprints: Creative lead, branding, display, exhibition, web and production.
The Assembly House heritage project. Exhibition; content creation, research, writing, design, social media, management.
Returned from the Front – Community engagement and heritage project, design, content creation, research, management.
The Casualty Book – Feasibility study, consultation, website.
Along the outskirts – Psychogeography: Branding, catalogue and online.
Change Minds – Heritage and mental health: Branding, design, consultancy, exhibition.
Museums Norfolk – Website design, photography.
Norfolk Music Festival – Rebrand and web.
Black Dog Tales – ‘Mapping the grim’ Public Archaeology/PA2015. Online content development, research, writing.
Fakenham Gas Museum – Rebrand and online presence, publicity and audience development, social media, photography.
Norfolk at the Pictures – Develop engagement, redevelop branding, website and the social media.
Museum of Norwich – Coordinated, curated and produced ‘The History Wall’ Installation. Social-media/social-history.
Gressenhall and MoEAL – developed ‘Learning from the past”.
Longshop Museum – Redeveloped the museum’s web presence and online branding.
Waveney Archaeology – Branding, publicity materials and website.
Hidden Commemoration – WW1 centenary branding, online and publicity materials.
Lowestoft Maritime Museum – Online.
British Schools Museum – Develop branding and publicity materials.
WFA – Image procurement, curation and design.
Cafe Writers – Website and branding.
Ink Sweat and Tears – Website and pamphlet design.
Norfolk Music Hub – Design, publicity materials.
East Anglian Music Archive – Design and consultancy.
Share Museums East – Consultation and development of new website, strengthen brand, publicity material.

…amongst others.

Current side-hustles

Vintage, retro, antiques and curios.
Incorporating the despair shop.

Only Smaller
Fabricated realities – models & maquettes

The Flatland Press

Returned from the Front
Recording and mapping Great War crosses

Fakenham Gasworks Museum
It’s a gasworks and a Museum

The Rialto
Poetry magazine and so on

We design things

Exhibitions and installations

Crome’s Norwich – Museum of Norwich, Bridewell Alley. May 2021

The Wilson Collection – The Gallery, The Forum, Norwich. Autumn 2019.

Vanishing Points (solo exhibition) – St Peter Hungate, Norwich. November 2018.

Great War Mosiac – Castle Museum, Castle Meadow, Norwich. November 2018.

Imagine Hillfields – (Joint exhibition with Jason Scott-Tilley) Fargo Village, Coventry. Summer 2015.

The History Wall – Museum of Norwich, Bridewell Alley. Permanent installation May 2012.

Blitz Ghosts – Norwich Arts Centre, April 2011.

Seminars and Talks

Talking Crome – Crome’s Norwich – Norfolk Museum Service. 2021 (various online)

Returned from the Front – The returned grave markers of the Great War. 2016/2017 (various)

Blitz Ghosts – Re-imagining the Baedeker Blitz on Norwich. 2011/2012 (various)

Published Work

Lost villages of Norfolk – Cameron Self and John Fielding. (Design/ additional photography)

Norfolk Archaeological Trust – a History – Natalie Butler (Design/photography)

Translating John Crome – (forthcoming TBA)

Brilliant Beacons: Portraits of East Anglian Churches – Peter Tolhurst (2019) Bromholm.

St Benet’s Abbey: A Brief history and guide – Natasha Hutcheson. (Photography/design)

Inside Landscape – Magazine feature (2018) Various

A history: The Assembly House, Norwich – Author, illustrator, cartographer, designer (2017) Various

The Memorial to the Missing of the Somme – Gavin Stamp (2016) Thiepval.

The Rialto Poetry MagazineVarious (1989 on)