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It takes a great deal of time and effort to produce this content and these images. I have also invested a great deal of time writing, travelling and staring blankly at things hoping they make sense. I have also invested money in buying equipment, as well as hunting down source material in various forms; glass plates, collodions, and prints and negatives aren’t necessarily cheap. Please respect this.

Most of the photos and content on this site are my copyright and are All Rights Reserved. Where the copyright belongs to another party permission to use them has been sought, the rights remain with them. Copyright and ownership is embedded in the metadata of the photographs. Where rights are combined; such as the rephotography work the copyright of the original remains with the original copyright holder unless I hold an original copy of an out of copyright piece from which scans were taken. Text content is copyright of the author or authors unless credited otherwise or implicitly stated and named in either the article or footnote, where text is quoted the rights remains with the original author or their estate.

Photographers and writers work on the internet is not free stock or free content, if you wish to use something online or in print, you are required to ask permission. Please, however do share the website from source. Please do not orphan the work from source. Unlicensed use will result in a DCMA and an invoice based on industry standard charges for licensing images.

Commercial enquiries

All commercial enquiries should be directed either via via email on

Improper use of any content will result in legal action and retrospective usage costs. This is applicable under misuse of copyright materials in the UK, US and RoW under the applicable laws of each country.

Educational use

If you are a student producing a project for school or college on the Norwich Blitz, or ghosting techniques using rephotography or colourising, and wish to use them, please do so. An email from you (or your mum, dad or carer) is nice but not essential, I’m always quite chuffed when I find Blitz ghosts out in the wild in classrooms, or get sent photos of your work using my work using someone else’s work.

I am okay with educationalists using my rephotography as teaching aids. I always ask you to seek permission. This applies to Local Authority controlled Primary and High Schools using images in lessons for teaching (not in textbooks or for sale in any way).

Free or private schools. Licensing charges apply, please contact me for fees.

I would appreciate an email rather than assumption either way. Assumption causes offense, and usually invoices.


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