More found slides. I can’t really tell whether these are people on holiday in America from elsewhere, but I sort of have a feeling that these people are American holidaying in America. The dates range from 1963 to 1970 and comprise trips to New York, Cincinnati, California, San Francisco, Big Sur and Yosemite, there’s even a shot of Alcatraz. They’re dated with on case imprints and have handwritten descriptions in biro on the slide cases which is always resolutely handy. These are generally snapshots, windows into someone’s world. None are totally spectacular, but they also are at the same time.

The shots of the Battery and New York are nice, the dry grasses on the foothills in the San Luis Valley in California is beautiful, just the hint of a road and a splash of dark vegetation. I’m a little bit in love with the mid-western feel of the shot of the middle-aged woman standing next to the Plymouth, it’s such an ordinary photo it becomes extraordinary; a still from a film I really want to see, but that’s what other people’s lives are, short stories and episodes we borrow and elaborate on, guess at the content as we pace out our own life-length feature-films. The child finger excitedly pointing at a the city from the edge of the boat, the hint of a head in frame, a cigarette clasped between fingers.

There are others in this batch, a graduation at Stanford, wonky horizons and under and overexposed home-spun memories; they feel oddly too personal to put up here despite their journey to the junk shop, to Pinholista Alex and then to me.