The Flatland Press started to form as an idea around 10 years ago and became something we started to look at seriously around five years later – The idea was to create an outlet for unlikely publications – projects that most publishers wouldn’t be interested in, books that would be considered too small, esoteric, niche, or strange to make any money from. We aren’t interested in being a normal publisher, and The Flatland Press isn’t profit motivated. Our aim to cover costs, pay the creator, and then dig any resulting profit back into producing more work. With a background in design we understand the hard facts of producing printed material and the expense it involves – as a result the idea is to keep the runs small, we also intend to keep the publications as affordable as possible. Our main aim is to put out interesting things; books, pamphlets, and ‘zines – series’ of work by artists, photographers, makers, craftspeople, writers, poets or wordsmiths, and all the resultant combinations those can and do create. It is an act of forcing these things to exist in a real sense that would probably otherwise only exist on social media, or hidden away in pixels in dusty corners of the internet.

The Press was set up just before the start of the pandemic with two books planned; Increasing worries about the outlay at a time where nothing was certain, financially or indeed in any way at all, meant shelving it. That book is still temporarily delayed due to the complexity of well, paying for it although it is ready to go. Our first real book now exists A Little Book of Grieving by Felix Hewison-Carter is available to order below, it should also be available via some physical stockists shortly – we hope.

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