Happisburgh pillbox copyright nick stone 2014

I keep trapping myself in series’ of work and forgetting that sometimes I take a photo just because I happen to be somewhere and something special happens. I was just poking about in my digital shoe boxes and I came across these. We went along the coast the day after the surges, Sheringham, briefly to Walcott then on to Happisburgh to make sure it was still there in all its savage messed up finery, so we trundled along the beach looking at the beach surface at where the sand had been but wasn’t, marvelling at the amount of nuts and bolts and bits of car there was lying about; fossils and finds of the future. Then the light did this. So I stayed and took some photos of it and the others watched it for a bit and then left me to it as I vanished with the sun into almost purple light.

Happisburgh copyright nick stone 2014

Sometimes things don’t work out and it gets to us and sometimes they do and even if it may not be how we always want it to or how we imagine, but these thing get you there like visual bus tops and this was one of those moments of perfection that make your throat hollow and your eyes fill.

Happisburgh tower stump copyright nick stone2013