Basically Norwich City Wall with all the main elements marked on, This is not 100% accurate for detail, It’s stepping off point and that is all at that stage.

Building started on 1294, finished in 1350-ish, then we started to pull it down. Privately financed partly by Richard Spynk and partly by taxes and other private financiers. When finished it enclosed an area larger than the city of London. Most of the gates were removed in the 1700s by the Corporation to help with access into the city.

Picture: Drill Hall 1931, (Courtesy: George Plunkett) The Drill Hall was used by the Norfolk Volunteers sited on the top corner of Chapelfield Gardens. The flint cladding sat as a carapace over an original corner tower. It was demolished in 1963 to enable the building of the ring road, you can all go purple and shout about this privately, yes it was stupid. Next time you’re sitting at the lights at the top of Grapes HIll look at the grass, the tower is marked in flint as is the wall line – more to follow on this including a rather lovely map thing.

Drill Hall photo: Courtesy Jonathan Plunkett. George Plunkett collection.

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