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Norwich North

I’ve lived in Norwich for most of my life, moving to Mile Cross in 1967, then growing up in North Norfolk from 1970 to 1984 before heading back home, because that’s what it is. North Norwich is almost certainly the original settlement, the Norð wīc or ‘North Wick’ – You can read a bit more about that stuff here. It is a repeatedly overbuilt landscape – the street lines are old, each one a memory, they contains stories – the entwined wave-forms of life and lives over time.

I’ve fixated over and photographed many aspects of it over the last three and half decades, from blitz damage to the Saxon burial grounds, the ridgeways and tracks, lost rivers, sites of wind and water mills and the vague visible remnants of industry, the divisions that exist in the stretches of city wall, the circulatory roads that ring mark us over time. The churches, markets, shops and homes, and the remains of the historic communities – all so close, and distant, and deep – all at once. Over the last ten years I’ve recorded lots of aspects of the ever-changing nature of things, the marks we make to the middens we still fill, how we live here and how that echoes on and on.

Some of the prints here form part of a collection that will be a book collated from photography captured while walking during the pandemic lockdowns, others are just observation, watching the light and how everything changes even in a landscape you think you know like the veins in your hand. There’s also older series such as the visit to Sovereign House in 2012.

HMSO – Sovereign House series

2010 – 2012

These images form a small collection of primarily black and white photographs taken during a permission visit to Sovereign House in December 2012, and various other images of the buildings that formed the late 1960s and early 1970s development that forms HMSO (Her Majesty’s Stationery Office) and the Anglia Square Development which sits over the old junction at Stump Cross of Magdalen Street and Botolph Street in Norwich.

Each image is available as an Open Edition print 6″ x 9″ image printed on A4 Hahnemuhle Art Rag.

Additionally a Limited Edition of all 15 images, signed, numbered and specially boxed with a certificate of authenticity and a piece of ephemera from Sovereign House. 10 only, watch this space.


Silent City


These images form part of a series taken within (mostly) half an hours walk from where I live in Norwich North in NR3, and were shot during the lockdowns of 2020 & 2021. These will with a larger collection eventually form part of a book. One day, possibly.

Each image is available as an Open Edition print 6″ x 9″ image printed on A4 Hahnemuhle Art Rag.

There is additionally a Limited Edition of 10 only, of all 14 images, signed, numbered and boxed with a certificate of authenticity.


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