Wayland wood


Wayland Wood (2017)

Available as:
420mm x 280mm (16.5″ x 11″) print
300mm x 200mm (11″ x 7.8″) print
205mm x 137mm  (8″ x 5.3″) print

The site of the fairy tale of Babes in the Wood.

Fine quality black and white Giclée prints.

Printed with white margins on 280gsm lustre finish archival quality paper using Lucia Pigment inks.

Open edition print.

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Wayland Wood (2017)

There is a darkness in woodland, hiding in the shade of the green canopy, something that retracts in the sunlight in the corner of your vision, beyond the growing and shrinking of the shadows, the greening, then yellowing, then bareness, with each revolution of the earth on its tipping axis. Beyond the sterility of the needle carpets of the pine stands in the managed farmed forests. It is in these wilds, between the thickets and the trunks that folklore, fairytales and legends grow: Babes in the Wood, Hansel and Gretel, Vasilisa the Beautiful and Baba Yaga, Genoveva, Snow White and even the Epic of Gilgamesh reside in these spaces.

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Large – 420mm x 280mm (16.5″ x 11″) print, Medium – 300mm x 200mm (11″ x 7.8″) print, Small – 205mm x 137mm  (8″ x 5.3″) print