One of the best known Blitz victims in Norwich, because of the famed Julian of Norwich. It was hit head on by a 250kg High Explosive bomb and all but obliterated as you can see. Beautifully rebuilt, and a fabulous little church, a nice calm space that feels more like a catholic chapel than a church, it made me smile a bit. It still has a couple of the original floor memorials and some of the base stonework is obviously original, plus it has the arch from St Michael at Thorn as the arch to St. Julian’s cell – a nice touch, it’s well worth a visit. I also popped round the back, to have a gander at it and take some more photos. There is a huge pile of mixed flint waste out there, some of which on handling looks scorched to me, I can only assume it’s the remains of the what was left and wasn’t reused.

St Julian Norwich blitz ghost © Nick Stone 2

Another pre-war to post war mashup, the first by George Plunkett when St Julian had a full tower. St Julian is one of several medieval round towers in the city, there are still some about if you fancy hunting them down, St Benedicts was one of them. We have more in Norfolk than anywhere else in Europe, even though several were demolished by der krazy german terror flyers, mostly missing city hall or the station. St Julian caught a 25okg in the tower department, and was more or less obliterated but is rebuilt with a low tower. The enormous pile of flint at the back of the church is the other half of the tower. 1934 – 2011 in 1/80th of a second – ish, via 1942 in my head.

St Julian Norwich blitz ghost © Nick Stone 3

And another 1934 >2011. Showing the full height tower. taken whilst standing on the rubble from the tower. eek.

A cool site just off King street. Go see, foolish not to.

Original photos George Plunkett, courtesy of Jonathan Plunkett. More rephotography or ghosting here