This is the Hollywood, and it isn’t it’s also the Aquarium, a familiar site to nearly everyone who has ever been to Great Yarmouth, sitting as it does to the Northen End of the Town just before you head out through North Denes to Caister. They can see it blip in and out.

It started life as The Royal Aquarium in 1883; an aquarium (there’s a clue in the name). By 1896 it had become a Theatre and in 1931 became a Cinema too. It continued to offer both cinema and variety until relatively recently. Peter Jay bought it in 1982 changed the name to The Royalty and continued that for another ten years.

These ghosted so well it almost hurts. The two shot from the pier in particular you can see where the photographer stood almost exactly. On the one below the fact that the beach lay so much further back at the turn of the twentieth century is interesting, also you can see the terraces being constructed.


In 1992, Trevor Wicks took over and converted it to the Hollywood, which along with it’s sisters across Norfolk continues to serve film to the locals and holidaymakers. Wonderful stuff.

On the photo below is possibly from 1929, (or maybe 1941 as two films were made with this title). The paths in the park haven’t moved since, an exact match.


Credit: To follow

All images © Nick Stone