Caister on Sea, March 2013, a scouring North Easterly for a few weeks changed the profile of of this, and Hopton beaches dramatically, revealing some secrets that haven’t been seen for a decade or so, estimates indicate losses of between five and ten feet of sand, most of what was left seemed to be blowing horizontally in our faces.

Caister on sea ©Nick stone 2013 4

Revelations include this, a Type 26 pillbox with 2 loupes, in case you wondered, which although usually visible is a lot more visible than normal, just south of here you can make out the foundations of the Manor House Hotel, and there’s a long dark area of sand that stretches the whole length of the beach that is purported to be the oil from the Eleni V.

Charlie provided tea and laughed at me when the sea briefly won, it was a bit bracing out there even for the gulls.

Caister on sea ©Nick Stone 2013

Caister on sea © nick stone 2013

Caister on sea © Nick Stone 2013