Blitz ghost upper st giles © Nick Stone

Upper St Giles

Another Norwich Blitz ghosts, Baedeker Raids again, not entirely sure which night to be honest 27th or 29th, I’m thinking 27th when Barn Road copped a load. What is interesting here though as much as anything is you can see how the new Cleveland Road sliced through the building that were there before the war and for a time after it joining various car pipes up to make the city fit for the traffic jams of the future.

Norwich Blitz Ghost St Giles © Nick Stone

St Giles Broad Street/St Giles Street

I believe that’s the Clover Leaf Cafe on the right, in 1942 it was anyway, now it’s Paolo’s Restaurant. It was a 500kg apparently and made a bit of a mess, the Norfolk Daily Standard offices  is still there is all it’s ornate glory (a George Skipper no less), although it isn’t I think it sells baths, then clothes and time rolls one and changes everything again.

Bethel Street © Nick Stone

Bethel Street and St Giles Church

Looking towards st Giles the tower of the church partially obscured by the smoke. The car appears to be parked on double grey lines, or yellow depending on your perspective.